The Girls

MLK Angus takes a balanced approach to our cattle and don’t chase the latest, greatest EPD fads.  While some seedstock operations focus on the bull, we place much of our attention on our Mother Cows. We tend to concentrate on our girl’s maternal attributes, their birth weights, year weights, disposition, and feed efficiency always trying to maintain great udders and foot structure.

Our program combines old genetics and new with many of our females coming from several well-known cow families which include Sitz Everelda Entense, Coleman Donna, Baldridge Isabel, Sitz Blackbird, Eisa Evergreen and Coleman Dixie Erica.

Many of our embryo calves come from older genetics with proven sires like Leachman Right Time 2700, Sitz Rainmaker 6169, Connealy Onward, S Chisum 6175, R R Rito 707, N Bar Emulation EXT, and Connealy Comrade 1385. Some of our 2023 A-I sires include Graber’s Mr Angus (Baldridge Isabel E080), Connealy Emerald 848X, Sitz Rainmaker 11127, LD Capitalist 316, and Rito 9Q20.

We love our girls!  Some of our herd favorites including many pathfinders are listed below (Click Reg. # to view EPDs).Their daughters and granddaughters are proving to be exceptional mother cows.


Sitz Pride 374, Reg # 14705626

Sitz Elsiemere 387, Reg # 15656629

Sitz Everelda Entense 5317, Reg # 15672305

MLK Lady Jackson 522, Reg # 17313578

Stevenson Lucy 2433, Reg # 17187892

Sitz Eisa Evergreen 161, Reg # 15310034

ICC Everelda Entense 2936, Reg # 17472945

Sitz JLS Queen Esther 2157, Reg # 156775

Sitz Everelda Entense 1721, Reg # 13811696

Coleman Lucy Y145, Reg # 16972949