The following cows are just a few in our lineup.
We also have daughters out of these very impressive ladies!

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Sitz Pride 374

Registration Number:  AAA 14705626
Date of Birth: 
February 5, 2004
Sitz New Design 349M (AAA 14094252)
Sitz Pride 2322 (AAA 14087371)

Sitz Pride 374 is an eleven-time pathfinder cow that produced 12 calves with a wean ratio of 106 and 11 calves with a yearling ratio of 104.

Sitz Eisa Evergreen 161

Registration Number: AAA 15310034
Date of Birth:
February 13, 2006
Sire: GDAR Game Day 449 (AAA 14691231)
Sitz Eisa Evergreen 71 (AAA 13804693)

Sitz Eisa Evergreen 161 is a nine-time pathfinder cow that produced 10 calves with a wean ratios of 105 and 10 with a yearling ratio of 104.

Sitz Elsiemere 387

Registration Number: AAA 15656629
Date of Birth:
February 4, 2007
Sitz Upward 307R (AAA 14963730)
Sitz Elsiemere 715 (AAA 14949109)

Sitz Elsiemere 387 was a Sitz donor cow.  She has produced 9 calves with a 104 wean ratio and 8 calves with a yearling ratio of 102.

Sitz JLS Queen Esther 2157

Registration Number: AAA 15656775
Date of Birth:  February 18, 2007
Woodhill Foresight (AAA 13936986)
Sitz JLS Queen Esther 3924 (AAA 14702653)

Sitz JLS Queen Esther 2157 is a nice pathfinder cow that has produced 5 calves at a 105 wean ratio and 4 calves with a yearling ratio of 105.

Sitz Everelda Entense 5317

Registration Number: AAA 15672305
Date of Birth:  April 1, 2007
Sitz Centennial 8975 (AAA 14942493)
Sitz Everelda Entense 2645 (AAA 14977579)

Sitz Everelda Entense 5317 is a pathfinder and the grand dam of the second highest selling bull in the Sitz 2017 Fall Sale for $37,500.  She has produced 10 calves with a wean ratio of 105 and 7 calves with a yearling ratio of 103.

Sitz Barbaramere 549

Registration Number: AAA 16266585
Date of Birth:  February 5, 2009
Sitz New Design 458N (AAA 14474596)
Sitz Barbaramere 4417 (AAA 15672219)

Sitz Barbaramere 549 is the dam to the Sitz 2012 second highest selling bull at $28,000.  She has produced 6 calves with a wean ratio of 100 and 4 calves with a yearling ratio of 101.

MLK Lady Jackson 522

Registration Number: AAA 17313578
Date of Birth:  March 10, 2012
Sitz Jackson 431T (AAA 15637146)
GDAR Blackcap Lady 5296 (AAA 14995818)

MLK Lady Jackson 522 is an excellent pathfinder cow with 5 calves with a wean Ratio of 106 and 3 calves with a yearling ratio of 103.


Our Youngsters


MLK Elsiemere 687

Registration Number: AAA 18560205
Date of Birth: 
March 26, 2016
Sitz Investment 10334 (AAA 17801258)
Sitz Elsiemere 387 (AAA 15656629)

MLK Elsiemere 687 is an impressive Investment daughter.  Her first calf had a 205 adjusted wean weight of 725 and a wean ratio of 110.  Looks to be a great cow with lots of eye appeal!

MLK Blackbird 59

Registration Number:  AAA 18219886
Date of Birth:  February 21, 2015
Connealy Final Product ((AAA 15848422)
Sitz Blackbird 2191(AAA 13804383)

MLK Blackbird 59 is sired by Connealy Final Product out of one of our great foundation dams from our herd, Sitz Blackbird 2191.  The daughters out of 2191 have all had great dispositions combined with outstanding EPD’s.  They have all been medium framed females with excellent feet and udders.  MLK Blackbird 59’s 2018 heifer had an adjusted 205 day wean weight of 709 with a wean ratio of 107.  This S Chisum 6175 daughter has been a standout since day one and is a fine example of our successful cattle program.

MLK Everelda Entense 653

Registration Number:  AAA 18560209
Date of Birth:  February 19, 2016
K C F Bennett Homestead (AAA 16771888)
Sitz Everelda Entense 5317 (AAA 15672305)

MLK Everelda Entense 653 is sired by KCF Bennett Homestead.  She was a 1st time heifer whose calf had an adjusted 205 wean weight if 705 and a wean ration of 106.  Her impressive EPDs put her in the top 15% of wean ratio and the top 5%-year ratio with the rest of her EPDs at the top end.